Traffic Light Swivel

Traffic Light swivels allow Over-sized or Super Loads to pass thru urban and rural roads with ease. This device saves the industry transport costs and reduces transport times. Blacklaw swivels easily rotate, allowing high, wide and heavy load easy transport thru streets and crossings. Blacklaw Manufacturing swivel highlights:

  • Swivels are available in various models including the low profile 12-inch overall height for installation with minimal changes in existing infrastructure installations.
  • Swivels are available in to fit signal pole diameters from 13” to 22” foundation bolt circle diameters. Custom foundation bolt pattern diameters can be designed on request.
  • Swivels are designed to allow the existing wiring to easily pass thru the center of the swivel. No expensive rewiring is required.
  • Swivel operation requires only 1 man.
  • Eliminates the cost of multiple mobilizations of bucket trucks, cranes and the additional manpower needed to operate this equipment on the day of the move

Swivel Lock, Operation, Unlock Animation

Swivels are designed and galvanized to current government transportation standards.

Traffic Light Mounted on Swivel Operation Video
Vídeo de la Operación de un Semáforo montado en una Base Giratoria de Blacklaw Manufacturing